Prof. Dr. Klaus D. Jandt

Prof. Dr. Klaus D. Jandt


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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Phys. Klaus D. Jandt, FADM
Current position:
Full university professor (C4), Chair of Materials Science (CMS)
Adress: Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research (OSIM), Friedrich Schiller University, Löbdergraben 32, D-07743 Jena

Research Interests and Areas of Supervision

  • Materials for drug delivery
  • Antimicrobial materials for healthcare and mobility applications
  • Materials for tissue regeneration and replacement
  • Bioactive und biodegradable bone cements
  • Materials for life sciences
  • Protein adsorption at materials surfaces and protein nanofiber based materials
  • Self-organization of biomolecule based materials
  • Functional biointerfaces
  • Carbon based materials (graphene, carbon nanotubes) for nanocomposites and sensor applications
  • Photopolymerizable and microwavepolymerizable materials
  • Polymer-microstructuring, –morphology and thermodynamics
  • Polymer blends and copolymers
  • Fiber reinforced composites
  • Phase boundaries of
    • biomaterials
    • polymers
    • ceramics
    • composites
  • Biomimetics and bioinspired materials
  • Biological materials
  • Optical irradiation devices and LED based devices
  • Microscopy and spectroscopy methods

Education and Scientific Career

since 2001
C4 Full Professor, Chair in Materials Science, Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research (OSIM). Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Reader in Biomedical Engineering and Biomaterials Science, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
1996 - 2001
Senior Lecturer in Dental Materials Science and Biomaterials, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
1994 - 1996
Feodor Lynen Research Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA
Research Scientist, Physics Department, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) in materials science, Hamburg University of Technology
1989 - 1993
Research Assistant at the Hamburg University of Technology
Product Development Engineer, Solid State Imaging Sensors, Philips Components, Hamburg
1982 - 1989
Study of Physics, Biophysics, Astronomy and Maths, Dipl.-Phys., Hamburg, Germany

Honors and Awards

Thuringia Research Award 2011 for Applied Research “Control of biomolecules at materials surfaces - how the nanostructure of polyethylene surfaces controls protein arrangement and orientation”
Fellow of the Academy of Dental Materials, USA (FADM)
Honorary Visiting Professor in Biomaterials Science at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Visiting Professor in Biomaterials Science, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Elected full active member of the World Society for Biomaterials, USA
Feodor Lynen-Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Bonn

Memberships and Other Functions

since 2014
Member of the editorial board of Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces
since 2014
Member of the German Materials Society (DGM) Executive Committee 
since 2014 Scientific spokesman for all DGM-Panels of Experts (Fachausschüsse)
since 2010 Member of the advisory board of the German Materials Society (DGM)
since 2008 Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Advanced Biomaterials, Wiley-VCH
since 2007
Member of the DFG-funded excellence graduate school Jena School for Microbial Communication (JSMC)
since 2006
Founder and Chairman of the panel of experts “Biomaterials” of the German Materials Society (DGM)
since 2005 Founder and Chairman of the “Jena Organization for Biomaterials (JOB)”
since 2002 Editorial Board Member of the international journals Acta Biomaterialia, Dental Materials, Journal of Dental Research (all USA), Advanced Healthcare Materials, Advanced Engineering Materials (Germany/USA)
since 1996 Reviewer for DFG, ESF, EU Commission, BBSRC (GB), EPSRC (GB), MRC (GB), NIH (USA), NSF (USA), STW (NL) etc.
since 1996 Reviewer for about 25 international leading peer reviewed scientific journals

Six Most Important Peer Reviewed Publications

Over 210 international, peer-reviewed publications, approximately 10000 citations, i10 index: 121, h-index: 50 (Source: Google Scholar)
  1. Jandt KD. Biological materials - Fishing for compliance. Nature Mater, 2008, 7: 692-693.
  2. Hu Y, Cai KY, Luo Z, Jandt KD. Layer-by-layer assembly of β-estradiol loades mesoporus silica nanoparticles on titanium substrates and its implication for bone homeostasis. Adv Mater 2010, 22: 4146-4150.
  3. Keller TF, Schönfelder J, Reichert J, Tuccitto, N, Licciardello, Messina GML, Marletta G, Jandt KD. How the surface nanostructure of polyethylene affects protein assembly and orientation. ACS Nano 5 2011: 3120-3131.
  4. Zankovych S, Diefenbeck M, Bossert J, Muckley T. Schrader C, Schmidt J, Schubert H, Bischoff S, Faucon M, Finger U, Jandt KD. The effect of polyelectrolyte multilayer coated titanium alloy surfaces on implant anchorage in rats. Acta Biomater 2013, 9: 4926-4934.
  5. Jandt KD, Mills, RW. A brief history of LED photopolymerization. Dent Mater 2013, 29, 605-617.
  6. Arras MML, Schillai C, Keller TF, Schulze R, Jandt KD. Alignment of multi-wall carbon nanotubes by disentanglement in ultra-thin melt-drawn polymer films. Carbon 2013, 60, 366-378.